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About Us

Texans for Greater Mental Health was founded on the principle of bringing new mental health solutions to the forefront of politics. With breakthrough therapies for mental health conditions being researched every day, it's our responsibility to raise awareness to those in power of these medicines and their ability to change lives for the better. This is the beginning of a better world..


It All Starts with Texas

As goes Texas, so goes the nation. Due to its large population and being a political stronghold in the U.S., Texas has the unique capability to sway the opinions of dozens of other states across our nation. If and when Texas realizes the healing benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy, it will send a resounding message. And a new mental health movement will spread like wildfire throughout America.

Save the Veterans, Save the World

There may not be a more powerful statement than when a Veteran looks you in the eye and tells you “mushrooms saved my life”. It’s hard to argue with results so compelling. This moment was on full display during the Texas House of Representatives Public Health Committee meetings in 2021 when Veterans across Texas converged upon the Capital of Texas to make their case for psilocybin research in Texas. With the help of Veterans and the telling of their stories, we have made huge strides in the Texas legislature on psilocybin research. We must continue to help veterans in need on their healing journey in any way we can.


It starts with us.

Get involved. Join the cause. Keep up to date. Whatever the reason may be, we'd love to hear from you.

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